Guided Boring Method

Guided boring method is a three-stage process of installing utility product pipe with the extreme accuracy needed for gravity sewer and water lines.

Jack & Bore Installation

Jack and bore is a well-established method of horizontal boring to install piping under roadways with minimal disruption.

Construction crews drill a hole underground horizontally between two points without disturbing the surface between sending and receiving pits.

Horizontal Tunneling

Tunnel boring is used to hydraulically install underground pipelines within strict alignment and grade tolerances for installation of pipe. They can bore through a variety of hard rock and sand.

Horizontal Auger Boring

Auger boring is a technique for forming a bore from a drive pit to a reception pit, by means of a rotating cutting head. This method is used to carry water lines, sewer lines and irrigation lines under geographical features such as freeways, canals, and railroad tracks.

Hydro Excavation

Commonly called soft-dig, hydro excavation is the most cost effective method to verify and record utility depth, size and precise location. We are equipped to pothole in asphalt, concrete and soil.

The process uses pressurized water, air or both to remove loose soil with a hose connected to a vacuum tank system to remove earth around a buried utility without causing damage to it.

Once location of the utility is verified, the removed soil can be re-installed and pneumatic tamped to its original state.